FCC Communications

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversees the manufacturer, production and importation of electronic articles that may cause harmful radio interference. Their goal being to maintain continuity and safety in radio and television signals and ensuring that electronic devices do not disrupt the broadcast signals of legally licensed business U.S. business entities.

Articles that fall under the jurisdiction of the FCC are numerous and can include devices such as electronic adding machines, radios, MP3 players, computers and accessories, cell phones, to name a few. Determining what is and what is not regulated by the FCC is often times a mystery, and frequently the best way to determine if a product falls under the jurisdiction of the FCC is a visual review of the product. Look at the manufacturing tag and see if the item has an FCC Indicator number, or perhaps a statement on the unit that indicates that they comply with the technical requirements of the FCC. These types of markings will help you determine if your product is perhaps regulated by the FCC.

For further information you can visit the home page for the FCC and www.FCC.gov. or click on the links below.