Dear International Logistics Partner,                                                        November 15, 2013

Sanders Brokerage Services is a certified member of the Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (CTPAT) program administered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  The CTPAT program is a voluntary partnership program between United States Customs and Border Protection and companies involved in the international transportation of cargo.  The CTPAT objective is to improve global supply chain security by ensuring business partners have implemented the appropriate supply chain security procedures.

 CTPAT certified companies must continuously demonstrate compliance with CTPAT security criteria.  As such, we are committed to working with our business partners to ensure shipments transported to the USA are secure.  Your assistance to meet this objective is essential, so we request that you abide by the following CTPAT guidelines:

  • Ensure container security seals meet or exceed the current ISO PAS 17712 standard.  Seal numbers are to be verified at numerous checkpoints in the supply chain and a discrepancy is an incident requiring immediate reporting to the appropriate authority.
  • Cargo and conveyance security is maintained through a 7-point container inspection or a 17-point tractor & trailer inspection.  CBP guidelines for these inspections are attached to this document.
  • Watch for suspicious activity so as to isolate and report potential security breaches.  Suspicious activity should immediately be reported: to local law enforcement or customs authorities and/or U.S. CBP at 1-800-232-5378 (1-800-BE-ALERT).
  • Participate in a cargo security program administered by your respective governments.  As global security programs evolve and integrate with one another, legitimate trade will be expedited.  If your company is eligible to join the C-TPAT program, we strongly request that your company begins the process immediately.  If your company is not eligible to join the C-TPAT program, we strongly request that you comply with the C-TPAT Security criteria.

U.S. CBP recognizes that CTPAT can provide the highest level of cargo security only through close cooperation from business partners within the international supply chain.  Additional CTPAT program information may be found on our web site at Security or via the following links: C-TPAT Overview.  Another important link is C-TPAT Minimum Security Criteria and Guidelines.  Please use this link to view a presentation about container inspection and seal security.

Thank you for your cooperation and assisting Sanders Brokerage Services with this important program.

Steve Sanders


If you’d like to download this information in PDF format complete with associated links: Sanders – C-TPAT introduction letter

And then, brought to us our friends at Genpt we have included a very useful 7-point container check document: 7 Point Container Inspection