Services Provided

Import Entry Services We Provide:

Entry / Entry Summary Services: Importing goods into the USA consists of multiple processes and phases. The beginning “nuts and bolts” of the process is called “Entry” and consists of a “cargo selectivity” transmission to Customs. After release from cargo selectivity the broker has 10 working days to complete the final “Entry Summary” submission. Entry / Entry Summary processes exist for virtually all types and classes of entries coming into the USA. Our operating system provides us with the capabilities to handle all entry types.

Remote Location Filing (RLF Entries): Sanders Brokerage received their “National Permit” in August of 2004 and has been participating in RLF entry processing for our customers since September of 2004. RLF entries are just that (remote location filing) entries at ports where the broker’s local permit cannot be extended. Sanders Brokerage Services and their customers are permitted to file RLF entries provided the importer has their own Continuous Customs bond and the entry type is a regular consumption type entries. Entry types 01 (Formal Consumption), and type 11 (Informal Consumption).

Temporary Importation Bond Entry Services (TIB): Temporary Importation Bond class of entries are froth with problems and potential liabilities for the importer. TIB entries are only allowed under fourteen (14) qualifying conditions, and the goods cannot be sold or offered for sale on approval. While exporters/importers may be able to avoid the payment of duty money’s the potential for enormous penalties still exist. Sanders Brokerage Services takes the difficulty out of the TIB process by working very closely with the exporter / importer and the carrier to ensure our clients TIB entries are timely and properly cancelled.

Immediate Transportation type entries (I.T. entries) are a part of the QP automated in-bond module of CBP Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). At the port of Blaine, Washington, Sanders Brokerage Services was the very first broker to transmit automated in-bond entries. An I.T. entry allows a bonded carrier to move freight “in-bond” from the port of arrival to a destination port for subsequent import or warehousing. Sanders Brokerage Services provides I.T. entry services to our clients and carriers. Give us a call for more information.

Transportation and Exportation type entries (T & E entries) are also a part of the QP automated in-bond module. T & E entries allow a bonded carrier to move freight “in-bond” from one port of entry to another port of entry for subsequent export to a foreign country or a foreign flag vessel (as it’s ship stores as an example). Again, Sanders Brokerage is fully capable of handling T & E entries and was the first broker in the port of Blaine, Washington to participate in the automated “in-bond” initiative.

E-Manifest Services: Sanders Brokerage Services has been providing E-Manifest services to our customers and carriers since the inception of E-Manifest. Keep in mind the new documents required for E-Manifest in accordance with the Western Hemisphere Trade Initiative (WHTI). Sanders Brokerage Services is ready, willing and able to assist you with your E-Manifest service needs. Give us a call.

Warehouse Entries: As stated above, if your goods are bound for a bonded warehouse facility we can help you with your warehouse entry service requirements.

Importer Bonds (Single Entry or Continuous) Customs Bonds: Virtually all import entries require the posting of a “bond” with Customs. In short a Customs Bond is akin to a promissory note with U.S. Customs underwritten through a surety (insurance) company. The bond ensures that if additional duty money’s, fees or liquidated damage penalties are due to U.S. Customs (CBP) those money’s will be paid to the government. As a sort of a promissory note they also ensure that should your import be found to be inadmissible that you will export or destroy the goods under CBP supervision. The bond is also a promissory note guaranteeing that any additional documents due to the government will be timely tendered.

Importer Security Filing – ISF (10+2):  We are proud to announce that for our Ocean import customers we can provide you with your Importer Security Filing (ISF) needs.  ISF is an electronic transmission that importers must have filed with CBP 24 hours before the goods are tendered to the vessel in the foreign port of lading. 

Other Available Services: Sanders Brokerage Services and our 110 plus years of expertise can assist you with your regulatory needs.  Below we list a few that you may find helpful.

   Consultation Services

   U.S. Customs Binding Rulings

   NAFTA Verification Reviews / Assistance

   Regulatory Research

   Protests / Refund Requests

Invoice Applications: Sanders Brokerage Services can provide to our clients a very user friendly invoice application. Please contact us for more information.

Forms Directory: Access to Customs Forms is essential for importers and exporters alike. Through our web site we provide access to the latest of U.S. Customs and other government agency forms.

Transportation Services: Through our network we can provide you with your transportation service needs.

Warehouse / Cross Dock Services (out-sourced): Through our business associate we provid prompt, efficient and cost saving warehouse and cross dock services.