ACE E-Manifest Disconnect

At this time our office would like to post a few facts about an ongoing issue associated with the ACE E-Manifest transmissions and their frequent failure to link or connect to a brokers import entry.  If you haven’t noticed, you’re lucky as this has been an ongoing problem for four or five months now, and has become more prevalent following the full deployment of ‘core’ ACE at the end of August 2016.

On October 11th, Steve Sanders was in Washington, DC meeting with the U.S. Northern Border Customs Brokers Association and U.S. Customs (CBP).  Jim Byrum with CBP commented directly on the apparent and continuing disconnect between the carriers ACE E-Manifest (be it the ACE Portal or other vendor applications that interface to ACE) and the U.S. Customs brokers entry.

CBP, through Jim Byrum made it very clear that the chronic disconnect stems from the legacy ACE E-Manifest system which is the oldest functioning modules of ACE.  Jim reported that the ACE E-Manifest system is having all kinds of bugs, issues and problems and needs to be re-written.  Unfortunately the re-write will not happen until all of the “core” modules of ACE are on line and functioning.  No clear date was provided for the ACE E-Manifest re-write but it was very clear that any attempt at re-writting the ACE E-Manifest module will not occure until mid to late 2017.

Note to the carriers.  If you are not seeing your “1C” release being returned to you and you want to check on the entry status with the port of arrival Customs you be better served by asking them to check on the brokers supplied entry number.  Having Customs check through your ACE E-Manifest shipment control number (PAPS) will probably return the same results that you were already seeing (a disconnect between ACE E-manifest and the brokers on file entry number).

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