Canada Customs eManifest

Update:  Canada Customs (CBSA) effective Nov 1 2012 is beginning an informed compliance period that will remain in effect until May of 2013, when eManifest-enabling legislation and regulations are expected to be in place.  During this period CBSA has reported that carriers will not be denied entry into Canada or subjected penalties for reasons associated with eManifest non-compliance.  CBSA further advises that they will instead advise carriers of the eManifest requirement to transmit advanced highway cargo and conveyance data.  CBSA further advises that it is anticipated that in May of 2013 the eManifest highway carrier requirements are expected to be mandatory.  Following implementation of the mandate non-compliant carriers could be subject to penalties *

* Source: CBSA November 2012 fax notification of Oct 31, 2012.

Visit the eManifest section of the CBSA Web Site . . . for further information.

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