FDA is rolling out their new web based “Entry Status” system known as MARCS and ITACS.  Users can track FDA entry status changes on FDA regulated commodity lines.  Additionally users can upload import / label / documents and such to the FDA’s ITACS website thereby providing immediate information to the FDA Compliance Officer working the importation.

Currently the system is available to all users and individuals who desire to access or use the website.  User log in and password information is not required.  Users must have the import entry number and knowledge of the CBP tariff line number and the FDA line item number.

For a preview of the website please visit:    https://itacs.fda.gov/itacs/app/welcomeToITACS.jsf

Fee free to give us a call for more information on this application, or check out the website above, as it is fairly self explanatory. MARCS, ITACS and PREDICT are all new software applications being developed and deployed by the FDA to better analysis importations, improve risk assessments, heighten the exchange of information, and expedite the release of qualified importations.

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