The Sequestration

Budget Cuts Just Ahead

After speaking with one of our area assistance port directors late Friday we were advised that locally the SEQUESTRATION would probably not be felt for a month or so and would mostly result in local personnel being furloughed for a day each week for a total of 2 week.  What that means is that (if this political gridlock continues) there will no doubt be delays / slowdowns in all government agency activities at all ports of entry.  When we say all government agencies we mean that the same furlough concept will no doubt be imposed upon all local government agencies from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), to the U.S. Department of Agriculture inclusive of their divisions known as CBP Agriculture and the Foods Safety Inspection Services (FSIS) to the core employees of all entities with Customs (CBP), Immigration, Fish & Wildlife, Penalties and Forfeitures, Fish & Wildlife Services, and more.  The hopeful silver lining for now is that it will probably take a few weeks before impacts of the Sequestration are felt or experienced by the public.

It is hopeful that our political leaders will come to a functioning and working compromise before any adverse effects are imposed upon the importing public and trade community.

For the latest press release information from Customs (CBP) regarding all aspects of the Sequestration and it impact on the trade community and the public, and CBP’s operational commitments during the Sequestration time frame, please vist the website that provides full press release details on CBP Sequestration.

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