Lists of Exclusions to the China Tariffs

Hello. Since December 2018 there have been several lists of items that have been granted exclusion to the China Tariffs by the US Trade Representative’s Office (USTR). They are listed below and it will be to your benefit to take the time to examine them to see if any of your products appear. In some cases, just the HS code appears. In those cases, you can interpret this to mean all products that fall within that tariff number are excluded. In most cases you will find a description... Read More

The latest on the China Tariffs

As many of you know, there have been a lot of moves lately in regard to the China Tariffs. A $300 Billion Trade Action went into effect with two lists. The first list, called Annex A, went into effect on Monday September 1st with products having a duty rate of an additional 15% over the regular duty. The second list, Annex C, will go into effect on December 15th at the same rate. We strongly suggest you check out both lists to see if any of your products are impacted. Also, on... Read More