China Tariff increase cancelled……. for now

On Friday 10/11/19 it was announced by the White House that the planned increased tariff, going from 25% to 30%, on $250 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods that was scheduled for tomorrow, 10/15/19, has been cancelled due to appreciable progress in trade talks in the days previous. However, an agreement has yet to be signed and it’s acknowledged that there is still a lot of work to be done. At this time, the scheduled increase on 12/15 is till happening. Please check back for further updates... Read More

New 301 Trade Action against the EU Effective 10/18/2019

The US Trade Representative (USTR) announced that, effective at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Friday 10/18/2019, there will be additional duties levied against products of certain member States of the EU. This comes after a determination by the US Trade Representative that, “…the European Union (EU) and certain member States have denied U.S. rights under the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement and have failed to implement WTO Dispute Settlement Body recommendations concerning certain subsidies... Read More

New product exclusions for the 301-China Tariffs to be published tomorrow, 10/2/2019

Hello everyone! Tomorrow (10/02/2019) there will be posted in the Federal Register three new sets of product exclusions for the 301-China Tariffs. The links are below. It will be to your benefit to look through these documents to see if any of your products of Chinese origin that you import are described in any of the lists. If you believe you found some, and would like help in determining this, then please contact us here at 360-332-1778 or by email to for assistance.... Read More

China Tariff increase postponed

On Wednesday 9/11/2019 it was announced to the press that President Trump is postponing the increase in the China Tariffs from 25% to 30% by two weeks. The increase was slated to go into effect on Tuesday 10/1/2019, but is now scheduled for scheduled for Tuesday 10/15/2019. US and Chinese officials will meet to discuss trade early in October.  Read More

Lists of Exclusions to the China Tariffs

Hello. Since December 2018 there have been several lists of items that have been granted exclusion to the China Tariffs by the US Trade Representative’s Office (USTR). They are listed below and it will be to your benefit to take the time to examine them to see if any of your products appear. In some cases, just the HS code appears. In those cases, you can interpret this to mean all products that fall within that tariff number are excluded. In most cases you will find a description followed... Read More

The latest on the China Tariffs

As many of you know, there have been a lot of moves lately in regard to the China Tariffs. A $300 Billion Trade Action went into effect with two lists. The first list, called Annex A, went into effect on Monday September 1st with products having a duty rate of an additional 15% over the regular duty. The second list, Annex C, will go into effect on December 15th at the same rate. We strongly suggest you check out both lists to see if any of your products are impacted. Also, on Tuesday, September... Read More

President Trump threatens more China Tariff’s on Friday

It was reported in the Washington Post today, from comments President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he intends on increasing tariff’s on goods made in China – come this Friday.  Comments indicated that the Chinese made goods that previously took on 10% Section 301 duties would be increased to 25%, and that if things don’t go well in the trade meetings taking place this week that the U.S. would levy a new 25% fee on “ALL” remaining Chinese Imports, “shortly”.   Chinese... Read More

Continuous Bond Insufficiency – Due to SECTION 232/301 TARIFFS

If you receive a formal notice from U.S. Customs (CBP) advising you of a situation that your existing bond is insufficient it is absolutely imperative that you contact our office immediately!  What must happen is that your existing Customs bond must be terminated and replaced with a new continuous bond for new greater amount.  Please remember that it takes 2 – 3 weeks for CBP to accept a bond “TERMINATION AND REPLACEMENT”.  So should you fail to provide timely remedy to the situation... Read More

US Canada New Trade Agreement – at a glance

Commissioner Outlines U.S.–Canada Trade Relations, Priorities Release Date: October 3, 2018 CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan highlighted the Department of Homeland Security’s northern border strategy Monday to members of the Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance in Washington, D.C. The alliance is an association of businesses, private and public sector organizations, and individuals involved in cross-border trade, border crossing, transportation, and tourism. CBP Commissioner Kevin... Read More

301 Presidential Proclamation Expanded to include Annex C effective Aug 23, 2018

Today, the Trump Administration expanded Presidential Proclamation 301 by imposing 25% duties on all of the items listed in ANNEX “C”.  So effective for anything, imported on or after Aug 23, 2018 that is listed on the Annex C document, those goods will now require the secondary tariff number of 9903.80.02 making them dutiable at 25% of the appraised import value.  This 25% duty rate is in addition to any column 1 (general) duty rate already existing or published in the U.S. Harmonized... Read More