eManifest Enforcement at the Blaine Port of Entry

Hello: US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)- Blaine Port of Entry has announced that they will begin to enforce the correct piece count and time of filing requirements for eManifests. The quantity on the eManifest must be the smallest external packaging units (i.e. cartons, bundles, etc). They will no longer accept the number of pallets as a valid piece count. Also, 1 truckload will not count as well. If you have a shipment in bulk, then useĀ  the weight in kilograms or pounds... Read More

Closed Memorial Day

Hello: Please noteĀ  that our office will be closed on Monday 5/29/2023 for the US Memorial Day holiday. We will have a skeleton staff to take care of entries, but will not be able to conduct any new business on that day. We will reopen at our regular time on Tuesday 5/30/2023. Also, please be aware that federal offices are closed that day as well, including FDA and FSIS inspections.  Read More