eManifest Enforcement at the Blaine Port of Entry


US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)- Blaine Port of Entry has announced that they will begin to enforce the correct piece count and time of filing requirements for eManifests. The quantity on the eManifest must be the smallest external packaging units (i.e. cartons, bundles, etc). They will no longer accept the number of pallets as a valid piece count. Also, 1 truckload will not count as well. If you have a shipment in bulk, then use  the weight in kilograms or pounds (we convert the weight from pounds to kilograms when we transmit the entry).

Further, CBP will also adhere to the requirement that the eManifest must be filed at least 1 hour in advance of the arrival of the conveyance at the border. If the carrier is CTPAT/FAST approved, then the deadline is 30 minutes prior to arrival.

CBP will begin to take the following enforcement actions:

  1. Refusal of admission. CBP will issue a notice of Direct Export and the truck will be sent back into Canada.
  2. Penalties will be issued to carriers for violations. The penalty will be issued to whichever party filed the eManifest.

In an effort to comply with these requirements, Sanders Brokerage Services LLC will use the correct piece count in our entries. If both pieces and pallet counts are provided, we will use the piece count. If the piece count is not provided by the carrier, we will then use the product quantity off the commercial invoice.

Please contact us at orders@sandersbrokerage.us, or by phone at 360-332-1778, if you have any questions.

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