Formaldehyde Emission – Wood Products

Effective March 22nd 2019, the EPA in conjunction with Customs (CBP) will impose a new regulation that on the surface appears to be massive in scope.  The regulation involves importations of certain wood products manufactured with binders (resins) that may be or previously may have been made with formaldehyde products.  Our world is changing, and this Multi-National Initiative was put in place to negate the use of formaldehyde in products that come into contact with humans on a daily basis.  This... Read More

Invoice: Commercial/Pro-forma

A Commercial Invoice is an actual copy of the bill of sale (sales transaction) between a seller and a buyer.  In fact CBP (Customs) would prefer to have a copy of the actual “commercial invoice”, however many times additional content must be added to the commercial invoice to bring it to an acceptable format for the importer, the broker and, of course CBP.  Such additions might include: Country of Origin of the goods, Currency used, Shipping Weight, Tax number of the U.S. consignee... Read More

Invoice: why make an invoice?

Customs Regulations (19 CFR 141.81) state that a commercial invoice shall presented for each shipment of merchandise at the time the entry summary is field.  In order for the broker to complete or prepare your entry you must present him with a invoice.  Customs does allow for a pro-forma type invoice to be used in lieu of an actual commercial invoice (bill of sale). Even if you’re attempting to make an informal entry direct with U.S. Customs (not utilizing your broker) you must always have... Read More