Formaldehyde Emission – Wood Products

Effective March 22nd 2019, the EPA in conjunction with Customs (CBP) will impose a new regulation that on the surface appears to be massive in scope.  The regulation involves importations of certain wood products manufactured with binders (resins) that may be or previously may have been made with formaldehyde products.  Our world is changing, and this Multi-National Initiative was put in place to negate the use of formaldehyde in products that come into contact with humans on a daily basis.  This regulation came into existence during the Obama Administration and is now finally coming to its date of implementation (March 22, 2019).

We ask that you be aware of this new regulation.  We have posted a couple of media documents within this posting to help you overcome the regulatory requirements.  In short it appears that certain people and companies, exporters, and importers must soon deal only with products that are certified free of formaldehyde emitting wood components.  There are many mandates for record-keeping of files, documentation, and certificates supplied to you from your vendor or supplier.  Additionally, we recommend that you supply our office with a copy of an certificates that you receive – so that we can maintain your certifications with your client customer records.  Of course, there is additionally  the requirement that with each importation the importer / exporter must provide the broker with a a properly completed Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) form.

Our office is certainly not the expert on this new Regulation, but we’ve posted two documents within this posting to further assist you.

Formaldehyde Emissions – FAQ / EPA

Federal Register Publication – Formaldehyde Emissions – 2016-27987

TSCA Section 13 Certification Title VI

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