NOAA & ITDS (NMFS) – Tuna Imports

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has issued a posting and deadline for companies importing fish products regulated by the NMFS to register.  Here is a link to the notice to importers, for your information.  You will have to copy and paste this into the URL address line of your web browser to view and download the document.    Read More

COTTON FEE – Rate Lowered and De Minimis rule eliminated

The Agricultural Marketing Services have modified their rule for the collection of Cotton Fees.  One of the impacts is the elimination of the “de minimis” rule.  CBP has corrected their (ACE entry) operating system to properly report and collect the formerly small (de minimis) dollar amounts of Cotton Fees.  Following is a posting by the Agriculture Marketing Services.  Summary: The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is amending the Cotton Board Rules and Regulations to remove... Read More

F.C.C – Changes in Customs entry reporting

Following is a Customs Message System notification which appears to remove the need for the trade and brokers to report FCC information in an import entry. Administrative Message Message Id 16-000583 Title Explanation of FCC Data Requirements for July, 2016 Subject ABI Transmission Date 2016-07-13 Message Effective July 1, 2016, FCC flags were removed to comply the with Federal Register Notice allowing trade to be exempt from filing FCC data until the regulations... Read More

Lacey Act – Mandatory in ACE

CBP has fully implemented the Lacey Act for entry processing on June 15th, 2016.  In the months Importers and foreign exporters, now must provide proper Lacy Act importation documents for their Lacey Act regulated products.  Lacy Act documentation can be found on our RESOURCES tab, under TOOLS, and FORMS DIRECTORY.   Or copy this link and paste it into your browser URL address line:    Read More

The Good The Bad and The Ugly – John & Steve (Crystal Tricycle) As promised here is another sound bite, but this one has a twist. The song is a duo effort by John and Steve (with a little help). Growing up we are all influence’d from outside sources. Musically, that could be anyone from ABBA to the Beatles to the Who to Frank Zappa. Well, in the middle of the road you’ll find the infamous musical sound tracks. This song bite is the title song to The Good,... Read More

ACE and Sanders Brokerage Services

The question has been asked, will Sanders Brokerage Services be ready for the CBP ACE system (Automated Commercial Environment)?  Well the answer is a resounding “yes”.  We started submitting ACE Entry Summary transmissions to CBP for well over 6 months at this time, and just last week we made of first ACE “Cargo Release” submissions. We are moving close to the CBP February 28th 2016 deadline of being able to electronically function within the CBP ACE Environment and we... Read More

Welcome – Security

Security at Sanders Brokerage: Welcome, and we hope you enjoy the staff and services of Sanders Brokerage Services.  Hopefully by now you know a bit about the background and heritage of Sanders Brokerage Services.  We take security personally and hold our government’s security programs with high regard.  We have been a proud C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism) participant for nearly 10 years, since June of 2003.  As part of our welcome packet to Sanders Brokerage Services... Read More


CONTAINER SECURITY – CONTAINER TRAILER SEALING PROCESSES: As a member of C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) it is our duty to inform the importing public of the importance of Security Criteria.  U.S. Customs brokers in the U.S.A. do not play a significant roll in stuffing, loading, transporting or distributing the merchandise while overseas.  The Customs Broker does however play a big part in the supply chain of goods moving to the United States.  While we can do little... Read More


 Read More

Resent Regulatory Changes

Very few things in the world remain unchanged.  This link will endeavor to provide you quick access to the most recent regulatory changes that may affect goods and products you wish to ship to the U.S.A.  Customs and Border Protection Services and the numerous participating Government Agencies that hold jurisdiction over the products you wish to ship to the U.S.A., are in a consent state of flux.   Because of these chronic changes, it is very important that you stay focused on the ever moving... Read More