Micromobility warnings – e-scotters – scooters – e-bicycles – e-unicycles

We supply this post and PDF document in support of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and their efforts to warn the public, manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailes of the need for “Micromobility Devices” to conform to UL (Underwriters Laboratory) standards.  Our governement is warning us, that lacking UL conformity users run the risk of injuries and deaths from micromobility device fires.  Additionally, it is required that manufacturers, importers, distributors, and... Read More

Know Before You Go!

In a publication years ago Customs said it best, “Know Before You Go”. The document was intended to provide a knowledge base to importers so that before they went abroad and purchased goods, or before their company imported goods the U.S.A. they would know all the regulatory issues surrounding the goods they wish to import. This “know before you go” concept is still in place and bigger than ever. For more information please refer to “Importer Info” under the “Services”... Read More