Micromobility warnings – e-scotters – scooters – e-bicycles – e-unicycles

We supply this post and PDF document in support of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and their efforts to warn the public, manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailes of the need for “Micromobility Devices” to conform to UL (Underwriters Laboratory) standards.  Our governement is warning us, that lacking UL conformity users run the risk of injuries and deaths from micromobility device fires.  Additionally, it is required that manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers of consumer products report to the commission when the firm obtains information that reasonably supports the conclusion that a product . . . contains a defect.  The statute also provides for imposition of civil and criminal penalties for failing to report the required information.   see: micromobility@cpsc.gov.  Attached in PDF form is their December 19th, 2022 publication / notice.

Important Safety Information Concerning Micromobility Devices – Electric Bicycles

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