US Customs bills sent out in error on 10/28/2019

It has just come to our attention that duty monies that appeared on ACH Statements for final payment on 10/23/2019 were not processed by US Customs due to a fault in their computer systems. The payments were made on 10/29/2019, but not before Customs sent out bills for duty increases to affected Importers on 10/28/2019. Customs has since recognized the issue and is working toward rectifying the problem by voided the bills that were issued erroneously.

If you have received a bill that you believe is in error, then please contact the Revenue Division of the National Finance Center at 317-614-4811 to determine the status of the bill. Again, this is for bills that were written against entries that appeared on the 10-23-2019 ACH Final Statements. If you did receive such a bill and have already paid it, then US Customs will send a refund check for the amount of the duty paid plus interest.

Please contact us at 360-332-1778 or by email at if you have any questions.

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